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Ch. Kettle Cove N Manarjj Smoke N Mirrors, CGC

vWD Clear - Full Dentition - Holter Clear (08/2013) - Echo Clear
Thyroid Normal - Kidney Panel Normal - Liver Panel Normal
OFA Good - PDK4 DCM Gene Negative - Blue #6 (produces red)

Smoke finished his American Championship being shown only 11 times and picking up 4 majors
including Winners Dog at the 2009 DPCA Nationals!

Smoke as been bred to some outstanding bitches and has a few champion get and some beautiful
get in the ring who are major pointed from the 6-9 classes!!  Frozen semen available.
Our boys are at stud to approved bitches.
For more information please email us using the link below.
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Ch. Ashtrick N Kettle Cove Triple Play

vWD Carrier - Full Dentition - PDK4 DCM Gene Negative - DCM Gene #2 Heterozygous Positive
Red #8 - Ding Negative
- Thyroid Normal - Liver Panel Normal - Kidney Panel Normal
OFA Good - Holter Clear - Echo Normal

Tank is a young dog who took no time to finish his Championship!  He is a dog with awesome heavy
bone and substance and gorgeous movement.  He has a wonderful outgoing temperament and is
willing to please...but be careful he's such a good eater he'll eat you out of house and home!!
We are looking forward to seeing how this boy produces!!  Frozen, fresh chilled and live available.
Ch. Ashtrick's Triple Threat

vWD Clear - Full Dentition - PDK4 DCM Gene Negative - Black #3 - Ding Negative
OFA Good - DCM Gene #2 Homozygous Positive - Liver Panel Normal
Kidney Panel Normal - Thyroid Normal

Hayden is a young dog who finished with 5 majors!!  He is a very nice standard boy with beautiful
bone, substance and movement.  He lives in Kentucky but was co-bred by Kettle Cove.  For more
information about him just ask and we'll steer you towards his owners.