Below are pictures and the steps of how we teach people to post and
unpost their new puppy's ears.
The supplies you will need for posting....paper tape, clear transpore tape, silk tape, Caldesene powder
(found in the baby isle), Blue Gold Bond, Tampons sized to fit your puppy, Co-Flex or VetWrap
mix both powders together in a little
container 50/50 mixture
cut 6 pieces of transpore clear tape about 3 inches each
pull cotton out of tampon about 1/2 inch and tape
secure with a piece of transpore clear tape
Fluff the cotton tip
make sure post is long enough to cover puppy's ear and tape in
place so the cardboard does not slip using Transpore Clear tape.
pull string and tape to cardboard
Back tape (sticky side out) starting at the end with the string working
your way down to the cotton tip using Transpore Clear tape.
Cut 2 pieces of Co-Flex/VetWrap 4 to 5 inches wide
Put the 2 pieces of Co-Flex/VetWrap aside for now
Cut 6 pieces of paper tape 4 inches long
Powder all the edges and the base of the ear
Dip the cotton tip in the powder
Put the cotton tip end into the bottom of the base of the
ear while stretching the ear upward tightly
Stick one edge of the Co-Flex/VetWrap to the tampon
Close up of the Co-Flex/VetWrap stuck to the tampon
Loosly wrap the Co-Flex/VetWrap inward (towards the middle of
the head) around the ear...
DO NOT pull it tight or stretch it or it
will cut off the circulation
Slightly & gently squeeze from the top downward
Loosly tape the tip of the ear with one of
the pieces of paper tape (already cut).  
Tape the bottom of the ear using one of the pieces of paper tape - wrap
from the back and cross over in the front....
Place a second piece of paper tape on the bottom of the ear
Repeat with the other ear
Cut 2 pieces of silk tape 6 inches long
Place one piece of silk tape across the front of both ears
Make sure the ears are straight up (not tiping in nor out)
Place the second piece of silk tape across the back of both ears
View of the bridge from above
Pinch both pieces of silk tape together
Finished Product
Unposting your puppy's ears
First take off the bridge by peeling it apart
Bridge is off
start down the bottom and peel the vetwrap up over itself
continue peeling the vetwrap inside out up the ear
continue peeling the vetwrap up the ear
now that the vetwrap is off, slowly peel the ear
away from the center post
Take post out of ear and repeat with second ear.  Leave ears down to breath for only the amount of time it takes
you to make two new posts and repost your puppy's ears.  Call or email me with ANY questions or concerns!!
The most important thing about posting is NOT TOO TIGHT or you will cut the circulation
off and loose an ear tip or the whole ear!!!!!  I cannot stress this enough!!!!!!!
Below are pictures and the steps of how we teach people to seem bind
their puppy's ears.
If your puppy's bases are strong but the tips need some support you can use this method.
Using Transpore tape, cut two pieces about two to three inches long.  Place the tape towards
the tip of the ear with half on the inside of the ear and half hanging off the outside of the ear.
Then fold the half that is hanging off over to the outside of the ear and secure by pressing down on it.
Your finished product....leave this tape on until it falls off on it's own or needs to be replaced if the
puppy's ears are bending or not straight.