Here you will find pictures of our current litter!!  Visit
often as pictures will be updated on a regular basis!!!
Skylar x Oozi Litter
Whelped December 6, 2004
Below they are just 2 days old!!
Here we are at 1 week old!!
Bed buddies at 1 week old!!
Here's Mama Skylar who thinks the puppy waiting box is for her!!!!
We are getting big fast!!!  Here we are at 2.5 weeks old!!!
Another picture at 2.5 weeks old!
Blue collar blue bitch 2.5 kisses :)
Whoa!!!  I'm just getting used to these legs!!
Green collar bitch 2.5 weeks
Green collar bitch....who me???
See what??!!!
Purple collar bitch 2.5 weeks
Yellow collar bitch....I'm outta here!!!!
4 week old Blue collar bitch
4 week old Green collar bitch
4 week old Pink collar bitch
4 week old Purple collar bitch
4 week old Yellow collar bitch
Pink 4 weeks
Pink & Blue 4 weeks
Pink & Yellow 4 weeks
Pink 4 weeks....awww so cute!!!
The whole gang nursing at 4 weeks!!
yellow collar 4 weeks....MY TOY!!!
Pink & Green 4 weeks
Green & Blue 4 weeks playing
with Yellow about to jump in!!
Blue collar blue girl 5 weeks old
Purple, Green & Yellow 5 weeks old...escape!!!
Pink collar blue girl 5 weeks old
Blue collar blue girl sleeping on the rail at 5 weeks old
Pink and Blue...."say what??!!"
Pink & Purple....bed buddies :)
The REAL reason Skylar still
wants to get in with her babies!!
Chow Time!!!
Three pretty girls....Yellow, Purple & Green
More escape attempts!!  Blue,
Pink, Green & Yellow
Pink & Yellow
Yellow at 5 weeks
All tuckered out!!
6 weeks old
Blue at 6 weeks
Green at 6 weeks
Pink 6 weeks
Purple 6 weeks
Yellow 6 weeks
8 weeks old trying different sleeping places!!
Green 8 weeks
Yellow 8 weeks
Green 8 weeks stacked...a bit of a wrong camera angle...
Purple bitch 8 weeks old...being a bit of a pain on the table!!
Yellow who is now Stars & Stripes 8
weeks...being a real pain on the table!!! LOL
Blue collar blue girl at 9 weeks
Pink collar blue girl at 9 weeks...thinking
about being a bratt on the table!
Green collar girl at 9 weeks
Stars & Stripes (Yellow) at 9
weeks...still being bad on the table!