Below are pictures of our Pearl x Mateo litter
who were born on January 21, 2005!!
We have 5 black bitches, 4 black dogs and 1 red dog!!
Just one day old!!
Everyone at one day old and a very proud Mama!!
Two day old PIG PILE!!
Two days old...Mom's feet are cozy!
Eight days old in a row!
9 days boy and blue collar boy
Surrounded by babies!
Red boy using someone as a pillow!
Red boy and red collar boy - 9 days old
9 days old sleeping in a row!
a sleeping puppy rainbow!!
More pictures coming soon!!
Our first meal at 3 weeks old!!
Phew now I'm full!! (red collar dog)
Dinner time at 4 weeks old!!
Did someone eat too much!!??  (Green collar dog)
How many can you count!!!???
Everyone snacking at 4 weeks old!
Little red man at 4 weeks old
Now that's a lot of puppy breath!!
White collar bitch sleeping on Mom and
the pig rail at 4 weeks cute!!
Puppy Pile!!!
Is it dinner time yet???!!!
Nap time!
King of the mountain!!
Awwwww :)
Dark Green and Light Green boys
Blue dog 8 weeks
Yellow bitch 8 weeks
White bitch 8 weeks
No Collar Bitch 8 weeks....wrong angle
White bitch with Daddy
Red collar dog 8 weeks
Red Man 8 weeks
Purple bitch 8 weeks